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I'm trying to setup gitweb with Nginx.

But git instaweb supports very few web servers including httpd, apache, webrick etc.

I tried to use nginx as http daemon in git instaweb, but it failed.

[smit@smit-pc:/src/project]$ git instaweb -d nginx
Unknown httpd specified: nginx

I also tried to configure it in .git/config as given in git-instaweb man pages.

                   local = true
                   httpd = nginx
                   port = 4321
                   browser = firefox

It's not working either. Is there any way or hack to make it work?

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Instaweb is a convenience setup script. For it to work it needs to know how to configure the webserver. Since nginx isn't supported you can't use it. Instead you should read the gitweb manual and create your own configs from that information.

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I checked -d param of apache2. It sets serverroot. In nginx there's no way to do that. (I saw man nginx). In nginx, new site must be explicitly added to sites-enable as vhost or in default host. –  smitrp May 11 '13 at 12:01

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