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I can typically test a regular Test::Unit method using the following commandline syntax for a method "delete_user_test":

ruby functional/user_controller_test.rb -n delete_user_test

Now when I'm using the shoulda plugin with Test::Unit I try to use the same technique as follows:

context "Deleting a User" do
  should "remove user from user table" do

Then I try to run the single test as follows:

ruby functional/user_controller_test.rb -n "test: Deleting a User should remove user from user table"

This doesn't work. Does anyone know how I can run a single context tests using shoulda and Test::Unit. I have a couple of different test in one test file and I want to only run the one using TDD without having to wait for all tests to run.

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This works for me:

ruby functional/user_controller_test.rb -n "/Deleting a User/"

Just put some reasonably long string from your context name into the regular expression.

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Awesome! That worked! Thanks Milan. – Joe Dean Oct 29 '09 at 7:54
not working with minitest :( – asymmetric Oct 17 '11 at 11:09
Wow awesome super huge thanksness – Trip Aug 13 '12 at 18:19

Using the full name of the test with a space at the end seems to work too:

ruby -Itest 
     -n "test: Deleting a user should remove user from user table. "
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Combining the two approaches has worked well for me; using both -I test and the regexp.

ruby -Itest functional/user_controller_teset.rb -n "/remove user from user table/"
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