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I was just wondering if anyone knows of any free Open Source software wich demonstrates multitrack recording support? I was thinking of something in the lines of this: http://www.soft411.com/company/NCH-Software/MixPad-Audio-Mixer%5Fscreenshot.html

I want to include multitrack support in my own software, for personal use and I don't even know where to start to be able to do that. So preferrably a control or something would have been great. I could also be able to pay for something like this, as long as I'd be able to include it in my own VB.NET solution.

Any replies are much appreciated! :)

Edit: What's with the vote down? I was just wondering if there are any components I can buy and download to use in my own project..

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Ardour and Qtractor are both open-source multi-track audio softwares.

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