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Consider the following html code:

<div id='x'><div id='y'>Y content</div>X content</div>

I'd like to extract only the content of 'x'. However, its innerText property includes the content of 'y' as well. I tried iterating over its children and all properties but they only return the inner tags.

How can I access through the IHTMLElement interface only the actual data of 'x'?


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Use the childNodes collection to return child elements and textnodes You need to QI IHTMLDomNote from IHTMLelement for that.

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Thanks :). That sortof worked. I'm pasting the final code in the question for others. It didn't completely work though since the inner #text has some <br>'s insides so now I have to put it together, thus, some string manipulation is needed regardless. –  VitalyB Oct 29 '09 at 22:13
@karthik: it works for me also.Thanks for your info –  karthik Oct 6 '11 at 7:27

Use something like:

function getText(this) {
    var txt = this.innerHTML;
    txt.replace(/<(.)*>/g, "");
    return txt;

Since this.innerHTML returns

<div id='y'>Y content</div>X content

the function getText would return

X content

Maybe this'll help.

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Well, yes, that would... But I really wanted to avoid using regex... Isn't there something more direct under IE DOM? –  VitalyB Oct 29 '09 at 13:56

Here is the final code as suggested by Sheng (just a part of the sample, of course):

mshtml.IHTMLElementCollection c = ((mshtml.HTMLDocumentClass)(wbBrowser.Document)).getElementsByTagName("div");
foreach (IHTMLElement div in c)
    if (div.className == "lyricbox")
    	IHTMLDOMNode divNode = (IHTMLDOMNode)div;

    	IHTMLDOMChildrenCollection children = (IHTMLDOMChildrenCollection)divNode.childNodes;

    	foreach (IHTMLDOMNode child in children)
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Since innerText() doesn't work with ie, there is no real way i guess. Maybe try server-side solving the issue by creating content the following way:

<div id='x'><div id='y'>Y content</div>X content</div>
<div id='x-plain'>_plain X content_</div>

"Plain X content" represents your c# generated content for the element. Now you gain access to the element by refering to getObject('x-plan').innerHTML().

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Not really relevant in my case but thanks :) –  VitalyB Nov 2 '09 at 11:17

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