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I have built a cakephp base e-commerce site. Now some similar sites need to make as same as built one with different name. All sites will belong to same server as siblings. So in that case I want to share same lib and app i.e all resources from built one.

Is that possible with cakephp? Or what do I need to do to accomplish this tasks. Please help me on that.

Note: also seen this CakePHP Shared core for multiple apps. but it only focus on using lib. But I want to u the whole site content. In other word, it will be clone with some very few changes.

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You could define additional paths with App::build() in app/Config/bootstrap.php, see Additional Class Paths.

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got that. but in that case i need to include that lib, app folders and some other files also. but is there any other way without that. using htacess or some other way with redirect or anyother –  The System Restart May 7 '13 at 15:16

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