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I want to apply a glow effect to some ImageViews. I don't want an outter glow, I want an effect like the SEGA logo:


I mean, I have my ImageView like it is, and then I want a "light ray" to go from the left-bottom corner to the right-top corner. This effect has to be independent from the image, since I'll have a lot of different images and I don't want to create several images for each one with the glow effect on it.

Right now I created a "light ray" image using photoshop (a 1 pixel line with an outer glow and transparent background) and I translate it over my ImageView. It's similar to what I want, but the effect is a bit stiff, I don't like the way it is.

Is there any better way to do it?


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An OpenGL solution has the potential to result in great quality. There are likely simpler solutions out there.

Check out this Android + OpenGL ES 2.0 "hello world"

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