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I have a number, in this case it is 61d54e71b6c8409f9586ffd4cf9ffada.

I would like to work with it's numeric representation.

In python I would do:

 number = 61d54e71b6c8409f9586ffd4cf9ffada

But I am using Scala, not python.

I have tried:

scala> val bd = BigDecimal("61d54e71b6c8409f9586ffd4cf9ffada")


scala> val bd = BigDecimal("0x61d54e71b6c8409f9586ffd4cf9ffada")

If the number were smaller, I could just do:

scala> val bd = 0x61d54e
bd: Int = 6411598

Anyone got any suggestions?

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scala> BigInt("61d54e71b6c8409f9586ffd4cf9ffada",16)
res0: scala.math.BigInt = 130042665859304569025379016689359780570
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Or: scala> new java.math.BigInteger("61d54e71b6c8409f9586ffd4cf9ffada", 16) res16: java.math.BigInteger = 130042665859304569025379016689359780570 – irishjava May 7 '13 at 15:13

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