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I'm currently working an appliction where i have.

  • A server : my Computer.
  • And a Client : my Android Device

I've already built a version of my program using http connection, but now, I want to connect to my server via Bluetooth. So I'm actually confused about something :

My phone will never connect to another device than my computer, so am I forced to make a Discovery on every device around and then loop on the deviceAdapter to find mine ? My server(computer) is listenning for connection with this :

UUID uuid = new UUID("0000110100001000800000805F9B34FB", false);

                String url = "btspp://localhost:" + uuid.toString() + ";name=MyServiceName";
                notifier = (StreamConnectionNotifier);

Isn't device.createRfcommSocketToServiceRecord(MON_UUID); made for a direct connection between two devices without discovery ?

Thank You in Advance.

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