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This is similar to this other question but with a bit of a twist: I read in the specification that the message-id for AMQP messages should be set by the application itself, so in theory I could use that to guarantee a certain degree of uniqueness, right?

My main question is now: In what scope is that message-id garantueed to be unique? For the messages currently enqueued inside a specific queue? Over all queues? Over the universe? :-)

And is this behaviour standardized? I plan to use RabbitMQ here, but it would be nice to have something not vendor specifc :-)


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Why do you want messages to be unique? If you give us more info about what you are trying to achieve, we will be able to help you better. –  cdeszaq Feb 14 '12 at 15:04

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We use RabbitMQ a lot and do not specifically set the message-id and have never had problems. We have 6 application, 20 exchanges, 40 odd queues and about 6000 messages a month.

So does not answer you question but does suggest that it does not need to be unique ?

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Message Id is application-specific only and may be not unique at all. Instead, delivery tag is unique inside queue and applicable to messages been published and waiting for acknowledge (or reject, requeue, etc.).

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