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I'm new to jira-plugin development and I'm finding it a bit difficult to start with due to the lack of documentation and examples (at least it lacks in my opinion).

Right now I'm trying to show content on a dialog. What I've done so far is the following:

  • Create a link with href="/secure/myAction!myMethod.jspa" with class="trigger-dialog".
  • In the action method I prepare the data which I will show in the dialog. Which will finally call a view.
  • Prepare a .vm file which will show the content of the dialog.

I think at this point everything is ok, in fact I see the content of the dialog. But the problem is that I can't find how to set the title of the dialog, add buttons to the footer which can call other actions. Also I can't find how to specify the dialog size.

Googling and checking the documentation seems everybody creates the dialogs using Javascript. Is this the only way? In my opinion is easier to use the velocity template.

Is there any way to get specify all the options that are available using Javascript but using a velocity template?

Anyone knows about good site for examples and documentation for this?

Thank you!

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