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Using the omniauth and omniauth-openid gems in Ruby and am looking for a way to have a pop up window during authentication.

According to Google's OpenID docs ( the OpenID User Interface 1.0 has a setting to allow for popup authentication.

I've checked ruby-openid (which is a dependency of omniauth-openid) to confirm that it has been upgraded to support the OpenID User Interface 1.0.

Now I'm just trying to figure out the last piece of the puzzle... I assume it would be somewhere in my config settings, which currently look like this:

require 'omniauth-openid'
require 'openid/store/filesystem'

Rails.application.config.middleware.use OmniAuth::Builder do
  provider :open_id, :name => 'google', :identifier => ''

--- UPDATE: (5/8/2013) ---

So I've hacked the rack-openid gem to include the openid ui extension and now my URL looks as follows:

All the parameters look correct, specifically the openid.ns.ui parameter and the openid.ui.mode parameter; however, the behavior has not changed... Am I doing something wrong? Any thoughts?

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I take a look through the source-code of the actual omniauth-openid gem and it seems to be, that this functionality is not added. Try to make a feature-request.

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