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I have tested my query in the Neo4j web interface, and now I want to add it to my Java program. I have tried this (in a @NodeEntity class called Track):

@Query("START n=({self}) MATCH (n)-->(x)<--(y) RETURN y")
private Iterable<Track> alternativeTracks;

And also this (in a GraphRepository extending interface):

@Query("START n={track} MATCH (n)-->(x)<--(y) RETURN y")
public Iterable<Track> findAlternativeTracks(@Param("track") Track track);

And the position version too:

@Query("START n={0} MATCH (n)-->(x)<--(y) RETURN y")
public Iterable<Track> findAlternativeTracks(Track track);

But every time I get this exception and trace:

Exception in thread "main" expected either node or relationship here
"START n=({self}) MATCH (n)-->(x)<--(y) RETURN y"
          ^ at

with 'self' replaced by 'track' or '0' depending on which version I'm trying.

I've been over and over the documentation and examples but I can't seem to figure out what I'm missing here. Can anyone enlighten me?

(I'm on spring-data-neo4j version 2.2.1.RELEASE)

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When using a node object as a parameter, you need to wrap it in a node(). ie. node({self}) rather than just ({self}).

Fixed like this:

@Query("START n=node({self}) MATCH (n)-->(x)<--(y) RETURN y")
private Iterable<Track> alternativeTracks;
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