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I'm using ShareKit to share with Facebook and twitter, I just noticed it doesn't link to my app anymore, I don't know if this is due to a sharekit or iOS update, but now it just says via iOS, and links to iOs' page (


So before it used to say via "AppName" now it doesn't. I've overridden the following methods (with correct values):

-(NSString*)appName {
    return @"appName";
-(NSString*)appURL {
    return @"";

Still the post says via iOS. The only difference I've noticed is that before, a "web" dialog appeared, and now it's the iOS dialog:


How can I make it say my app's name and link?

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I'm not familiar with ShareKit, but it's using the native iOS6 share sheet which does not give app attribution. I assume ShareKit has some precedence order, where it will try to share using the iOS6 share sheet first (if available), and then use web dialog as a backup. If you want attribution, you should see if you can disable the iOS6 share sheet in ShareKit. – Ming Li May 7 '13 at 17:06
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I ended up removing ShareKit (fattens the binary) and using the Facebook SDK

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