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I have an Oracle account (schema) of a remote Oracle database. By using this account I can do all kinds of operations such as: query, update, delete and add. But I can't use exp or imp. Now my question is how can I dump all the data in this remote database schema, include table, view, function, procedure, package.

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Why can't you use exp? Not allowed? not installed? You tried but you got an error? – Dave Costa Oct 29 '09 at 17:03
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You can use the package dbms_metadata.get_ddl to generate ddl for the objects. Read this

You can generate csv files for the data that you can load with sql*loader, or generate insert statements.

This will be a real pain. Especially when there is a tool available that does it for you : exp/expdp. You could try to use a local exp utility and try to connect to the remote database with it.

exp username/password@remotedb owner=ownername
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