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I'm creating Rails app as a guide to restaurants whereby information is displayed regarding each restaurant, menus etc. It is a supporting website to an iOS app.

I would like to do allow the user to book or send an email to book a table on a restaurant. I'm storing both user and restaurant e-mails in my app.

I could easily do this in the iOS app using the Mail app but I'd like to offer the same functionality within my Rails version also. Is this possible?


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As @CarlZulauf commented, you are looking for Rails e-mail interface. It is hard to help you here because you didn't explain to us what did you tried and what is not working. If you have problems, you might want to create a new question, or edit this one, including the info, otherwise it is impossible for any one to help you more than just give you the doc link.

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Thanks for your replies, I've looked at the links but hopefully to make it clearer, I wondering if what I'm trying to achieve is even possible to begin with. Exactly what I wish to do is - on my Rails site the user can view restaurant profiles (this can be any amount). If logged in, I wish to the user to be able to book a table by email at that restaurant. Therefore, I wish the sender and recipient to be dynamically generated. Is this possible, or is some email configuration required for either party? –  user2161410 May 11 '13 at 9:49
Sorry @fotanus what I'm asking is... The iOS app allows users to send an email to the restaurant profile they are viewing to provisionally make a reservation (straight forward in iOS as this is handled by the Mail app). Is this achievable in my Rails app? Basically I need a form which will send an email to the email address of the restaurant profile being viewed from the email of the logged in user? I can get these addresses but can the sender and the receiver of the email be dynamically assigned without any configuration? I hope this is clearer. Thanks in advance! –  user2161410 May 11 '13 at 14:55
You need to create a method on your mailer as book_resto(client_email, resto_email) and on it use the mail call like this mail(:to => resto_email, :from => client_email). Created that, on the action you have both emails, simply call YourMailer.book_resto(var_with_cient_mail, var_with_resto_email). –  fotanus May 13 '13 at 11:43

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