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It is difficult for me to catch with the eye a boundary between test runs.

Is it possible to clear console for each run of Testacular/Karma + Jasmine or at least put there something easily catched by the eye, for example a series of newlines?

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Write your own reporter, and do whatever you want with it.

Also, if you're on a Mac and use Growl, take a look at karma-growl-reporter

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I am not sure to fully understand your need but karma-spec-reporter can give you a detailed review of your test execution. Output example from karma-spec-reporter-example:

      PASSED  - should add an element
      PASSED  - should remove an element
      FAILED  - should do magic (this test will fail)       expected [] to include 'magic'
        at /home/michael/development/codecentric/karma-spec-reporter-example/node_modules/chai/chai.js:401
PhantomJS 1.8.1 (Linux): Executed 3 of 3 (1 FAILED) (0.086 secs / NaN secs)
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I want to delete all the trash from previous testing session so it wouldn't lead me astray. –  Paul Feb 22 at 18:59

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