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I have made a simple facebook register widget.

On register the App sends the data to send.php

On send.php I have


And I get something like this:

    [algorithm] => HMAC-SHA256
    [expires] => 1367953200
    [issued_at] => 1367946138
    [oauth_token] => BAAE0refKufgBAORkK7hUaVpF8MnFygoqHAHrO3nRJMyNjvJx6RjiMjoqbz2YlfqeogcIPGJJaIgD0xtxhBj1WRgQ5F5SidjwM7ZCKOyZBlEuatIqIccbjGj2uMV5hqtKtZA1g7hOEqMeZAEwmnO6SgRgsb9ittKZCDnPfoxYxCxZAZBAhIKX457IG5ZB4yknv9FZB8QUG7Pt0mfBRQUYG12KoTmO7QRH20LP65FyPqTi7mAZDZD
    [registration] => Array
            [name] => derp derp
            [email] => ddddd@gmail.com
            [location] => Array
                    [name] => Vienna, Austria
                    [id] => 1.1116511224109E+14

            [gender] => male
            [phone] => sss

    [registration_metadata] => Array
            [fields] => [ {'name':'name'}, {'name':'email'}, {'name':'location'}, {'name':'gender'}, {'name':'phone',      'description':'Phone Number',             'type':'text'},]

    [user] => Array
            [country] => at
            [locale] => en_US

    [user_id] => 100000506481284

So the data gets passed without a problem but how can I access a specific value?

For example text book array stuff doesnt appear to be working like:

print $response[0];

Gives me an error:

Notice:  Undefined offset: 0 in C:\xampp\htdocs\ddd\send.php on line 38

How else can I access the data?

For example how could I store country, email, name or whatever in their own variables so I can echo them later? Its there but I cant seem to figure out how to "digest" it properly with php.

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There is no index 0 in the array you pasted..

Use it like

$email = $response['registration']['email'];

If it was an object instead of an array you would do

$email = $response->registration->email

This is very basic PHP array handling. http://php.net/manual/en/language.types.array.php

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