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I'm attempting to call a function to update my mysqli db, and report back if an error happened. I have this in my test file so far:


$success = test("cat",17);
echo $success;
echo "<br />";

function test($name, $number){
    $db = new mysqli("localhost","root","","test");
        return "Failed to connect to MYSQL Database: [" . $db->connect_errorno . "]" . $db->connect_error;
    if(!($stmt = $db->prepare("UPDATE `test` SET `name` = ? WHERE `number` = ?"))){
        return "prepare failed: [" . $db->errno . "]" . $db->error;
    if(!($stmt->bind_param('si', $name, $number))){
        return "bind failed: [" . $db->errno . "]" . $db->error;
        return "execute failed: [" . $db->errno . "]" . $db->error;
    return "Successfully updated database!";


and with the test I have there (cat, 17) it returns a success, even though there is no column with a number of 17, and I see nothing change in the database. How can I get it to properly return a failure if it cannot find the number in the WHERE clause?

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a query which doesn't change any records, or doesn't return any rows, is NOT a "failure". it's simply an empty result set. –  Marc B May 7 '13 at 17:34

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After execute() completes, check that $stmt->affected_rows is greater than zero:

    return "execute failed: [" . $db->errno . "]" . $db->error;

if(!$stmt->affected_rows) {
    return "no rows updated";
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That worked perfectly! thanks! –  user2359302 May 7 '13 at 18:16

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