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i am trying to convert a LPCSTR string into LPCTSTR string. i want to concatenate two string,when i try like this

LPCTSTR str1 = L"Raja"
LPCSTR str2 = "Kumar"

i found the o/p like Raja....r(junkvalues)....how can typecast LPCSTR to LPCTSTR?

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LPCTSTR can be either plain char or wide characters depending on your project settings. Further, you cannot possibly concatenate a wide string and a plain char string. You need to convert one to a compatible form (wide to multibyte or vice versa) and then concatenate.

Assuming you want the target to be a wide string, you'd need to convert the "Kumar" to a wide character string. To do this use the MultiByteToWideChar function with appropriate code page.

Look up this KB article on MSDN and John's link.

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See these notes: Unraveling Strings in Visual C++. The notes discuss the various kinds of strings you'll see in Microsoft C++ development and how to convert between them.

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thank you..cook –  Rajakumar Oct 29 '09 at 9:42

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