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have 2 CCMenuItemImage inside CCMenu. and a CCMyCustomSprite that is (overlaps) top of CCMenu.


when I attempt to press to CCMyCustomSprite; its touch event doesnt triggers.because of CCMenu underneath responds instead of CCMyCustomSprite.

there is no code similar to this : [CCMenu1 setPriority:kCCLowestOne];

-also kCCMenutouchPriority is deprecated.
-cocos2d rc2 is not stable.(so Im at stable version cocos2d v2)

what shall I do ?

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inherit CCMenu to something CCCustomMenu

and override this method :

-(void) registerWithTouchDispatcher
    CCDirector *director = [CCDirector sharedDirector];
    [[director touchDispatcher] addTargetedDelegate:self priority:kCCMenuHandlerPriority swallowsTouches:NO];
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No need to subclass CCMenu to change priority. You can do:

[[[CCDirector sharedDirector] touchDispatcher] setPriority:1 forDelegate:myCCMenu];

Or, whatever layer/node you are using to register touches of your CCMyCustomSprite, register it with a priority of < -128.

Just keep in mind that the touch priority goes from lowest to highest, and CCMenu has a default priority of -128.

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this is first I attempt.and thought it should work (before this answer ):somehow didnt worked me(although myCCMenu is already created). throwed error Assertation or bad_access. (but thanks for the answer too. hope this may work someone. but not me on cocos2d v2.0 stable) –  N.Ramos May 11 '13 at 18:25

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