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I've been messing around with GWT Ext fow a few weeks now and I finally came to the conclusion that you can stomp that library into garbage if you want to plot anything higher sophisticated than "in March we made $ 1.2k, in April we made $ 1.1, and so on".

What I need is a library that plots mathematical functions for me like

 ArbitraryFunction gaussBell = new ArbitraryFunction("f(x)", new RGB(red, green, blue)) {
    public Double getValue(Double x) {
      return Math.exp( -Math.pow(x,2.0) / 0.1 );

which is actual code I produced while using the GWT.

Anyway.. It also should be able to add datapoints to a chart where it receives a click (or at least there should be a SIMPLE way) to make it doing so. Again speaking of the complete opposite of GWT here. It also should be possible to create mixed charts (lines and scatter charts combined) and it may not be a problem to draw ANY lines on the plot if I want to (e.g. if I got a scatter chart and intend to draw a voronoi diagram).

If stuff like this works at least in 2D without demanding too much time for setting up another framework on top of that framework I shall be pleased.

I now I act a little frustrated right now and I should have known that GWT doesn't meet my specifications but I simply didn't back then.

If that library also supports some kind of 3D plotting that'd be great but I already had a closure to that and will probably keep my eyes opened for another library which supports 3D plotting.

If anyone got any suggestions for me: Thank you very much!

PS: I intend to use servlets so I'd prefer anything that goes with Java since there will be a few things that will have to be calculated on the server - but thats another chapter.

Decided to add a sum of what I need here. The library should allow to

  • draw line charts, scatter charts and mixed charts
  • interact with charts (e.g. clicking or drag data points)
  • render the charts on client side
  • change the displayed data dynamically

Prefered language

  • Java (because I'm using servlets)

Nice to have

  • If all that worked in 3D too
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Look at d3. d3js.org –  mattexx May 7 '13 at 17:43
I am not sure, I think I'll get problems if I want to process e.g. the voronoi diagram server side, woudln't I? Assume there are x points on my chart. Is it possible to send this data to the server for further processing? –  Stefan Falk May 7 '13 at 18:22

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