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I noticed something strange when creating shared contact using google contacts api. This is code i am using to create contact:

def AddEmail(name ,email):
   new_contact = gdata.contacts.ContactEntry(title=atom.Title(text=name))
   create_contact = gd_client.CreateContact(new_contact)
   print create_contact.link[2].href

Of course there are keys, accounts and stuff so it works. Strange thing happens when i run it locally, saved as some *.py file, print create_contact.link[2].href actually prints out edit link for contact. When i deploy it on GAE result is link to contact but not edit link, like i would use print create_contact.link. Code stays same, i use self.response.out.write though on GAE for testing purposes only finally it should go to datastore. I do not see difference, what am i missing? what i do not know about GAE?

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