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I just made a great program with Qt Creator. I'm very pleased with myself. How do I move it from my desktop to my laptop?

So, the best way would be an installer right? And for Ubuntu, that's a debian package right?

How do I do that? Has someone done this and could they share the template files for QT 4.5?



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If you want to run the application foo you created on the machine desktop on another machine laptop, then simply

  1. copy the binary, for example via scp
  2. run ldd foo on laptop
  3. install the library package for all missing libaries
  4. go back to 2. and repeat until you have missing libaries.

This can be done in minutes.

A Debian package would automate steps 2) and 3) and provide you Depends: so that upon installation proper libraries are added, if needed. But if you just want to go from one machine to another (using the same distro) then creating a package is overkill.

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Quick and easy, but can lead to a dependency hell, which however is not a problem with all those apt-get's around :) – user59634 Oct 30 '09 at 20:28

No first hand experience. But, for Ubuntu, creating a Debian package should suffice your needs here. I just came across Debian Package Builder. HTH.

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Qt Creator itself is packaged using BitRock InstallBuilder, you may want to try that

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