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SSRS 2005.

Added a textbox> Properties> Navigation> jump to URL > Entered the URL, but can't seem to add dataset fields that resolve??

I tried inserting the Field via report builder dataset with no luck resulting in this:

https://mydomain.com?ID=(I need my field here)


turns into this which fails for me.


instead of this where I know ows_ID is 27:


**UPDATE: I tried this and it works from Report builder client, but when deployed to SharePoint the link is just a textbox that does not work:


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Try activating it through javascript:

="javascript:void(window.top.location.href='https://mysite.com?ID=" + CStr(Fields!ows_ID.Value) + "')"
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thanks that worked and I used it. sorry about delay in accepting. –  cyberpine May 27 '13 at 10:40

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