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I am working on my Java application in Eclipse that connects to the database and makes som quries with the data. This database has been created and managed in PHPMyAdmin. The database is stored locally and now I would like to make it accessible not only from my conputer, but for anyone who will run my application on his computer. Can anyone tell me what is the procedure? How can I make the database "online"? Should I store the database on some remote server? If so, what is the procedure?

I know this question is not so much straight-forward, but I hope you will give me some idea how to deal with it.

Thanks in advance!

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In this situation you should store the database on an external server who are better at managing databases with more security/backups etc.

If you're looking for scalability as well you could get an Amazon AWS Micro Instance in the cloud for free for a year which includes a large amount (20GB) of RDS (their relational database service based on MySQL) for free.

There is a great Stack Overflow question on Using PHPMyAdmin to administer Amazon RDS as well to get you started with something you are familiar with.

You can use MySQLDump to copy your current database from your local machine to RDS if you needed.

(A, completely non-extensive, list of) Mysql Hosting Providers

Or, host your own on something like these

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HI, thanks for your answer. So what you suggest is to should move my database to Amazon RDS and connect to my database in my Java application from there? –  MichalB May 7 '13 at 18:51
Yes - that way you have a fast, reliable, secure, centralised system that anyone with your Java application can access. Rather than having to keep your computer on all the time, on a slower connection with no back ups :-) –  Ewan May 7 '13 at 18:52
Thanks, however are you sure that the service is for free, I was trying to register to Amazon WMS and they say they will give me free access for one month, however, after that they will start charging me for the service. –  MichalB May 7 '13 at 18:54
aws.amazon.com/free This will give you a 'Micro Instance' for free for 1 year. It will give you a micro linux server in the cloud and you can use the management console online to create your database. There is a Getting started with the free tier guide here; docs.aws.amazon.com/gettingstarted/latest/awsgsg-freetier/… –  Ewan May 7 '13 at 18:58
yeah, I have realized that. However, when creating an account, they require my CC deatils and stress that "Your credit card will not be charged until you begin using AWS, and many of your applications and uses of AWS may be able to operate within the AWS free usage tier. If your monthly usage goes beyond the free tier, your AWS service charges will be billed to the credit card you provide below. View detailed service pricing". I have no clue when my database could start being charged, here are the pricing details: aws.amazon.com/rds/pricing –  MichalB May 7 '13 at 19:05
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