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I'm currently building a web application with Silex and just started implementing the SecurityServiceProvider.

I added the following snippet to my bootstrapping code:

$app->register(new Silex\Provider\SecurityServiceProvider(), array(
    'security.firewalls'    => array(
        'login' => array(
            'pattern' => '^/login$',
            'security' => false,
        'secured' => array(
            'pattern'   => '^.*$',
            'anonymous' => true,
            'form' => array('login_path' => '/login', 'check_path' => '/login/check'),
            'logout' => array('logout_path', '/logout'),
            'users' => $app['custom.user_provider'],
            'switch_user' => array('parameter' => '_switch_user', 'role' => 'ROLE_IMPERSONATE'),
    'security.encoder.digest' => $app->share(function ($app) {
        return new MySQLPasswordEncoder(false);
$app['security.role_hierarchy'] = array(
    'ROLE_STAFF'    => array('ROLE_USER'),
$app['security.access_rules'] = array(
    array('^/admin/bans/.*$', 'ROLE_BAN_MGR'),
    array('^/admin/.*$',      'ROLE_STAFF'),
    array('^/account/.*$',    'ROLE_USER'),
    array('^.*$',         ''),

I want to be able to use the security context (i.e. is_granted(...) in templates) on any page, therefore I use 'pattern' => '^.*$', 'anonymous' => true.
To match the requirement for login_path to be outside the secured area, I added the login firewall.

Now, the problem is, that the security context is not available on the /login page, hence is_granted(...) throws an exception:

AuthenticationCredentialsNotFoundException: The security context contains no authentication token. One possible reason may be that there is no firewall configured for this URL.

I tried adding 'security' => true, 'anonymous' => true to the login firewall, but this leads to inifinite redirections (because /login is inside a secured area).

Question: How can I make the security context available on the login page (which, by definition, may not be secured)?

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adding anonymous => true to the login route should be enough to do what you want. – gunnx May 8 '13 at 10:22
@gunnx I tried that for both 'security' => false and 'security' => true, but it didn't work. mpm's answer does well. – Lukas May 8 '13 at 16:08
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remove the first firewall

   'login' => array(
            'pattern' => '^/login$',
            'security' => false,

, it is unecessary

and change the last access rule to this


more details here , the symfony doc is where you should spend most of your time when you have a question regarding silex :

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Works! Thakns for the link - in the Silex documentation on the SecurityServiceProvider it just reads The login_path path must always be defined outside the secured area (or if it is in the secured area, the anonymous authentication mechanism must be enabled -- see below);. The explanations in the Symfony Books are much better. – Lukas May 8 '13 at 16:07
there are config differences between silex and symfony so beware , but most of the things should work out of the box , have fun ! you can check some of my silex scripts here : – mpm May 8 '13 at 18:38

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