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I've been searching for a definitive answer to this, and the XML schema data types document seems to suggest that timezones are accepted, yet I found at least one implementation which does not properly convert time zones ( NUSOAP ).

To make sure that the problem is not at my end, I'd like to know if a format such as 2009-11-05T11:53:22+02:00 is indeed valid and should be parsed with timezone information, i.e. as 2009-11-05T13:53:22.

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I added a comment to my answer. – Jeremy Stein Oct 30 '09 at 14:17
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Given the following sentences from the w3c schema documentation:

"Local" or untimezoned times are presumed to be the time in the timezone of some unspecified locality as prescribed by the appropriate legal authority;


When a timezone is added to a UTC dateTime, the result is the date and time "in that timezone".

it does not sound like there is a definitive answer to this. I would assume that it is the usual ambiguity: Both versions are principally valid, and the question of what version to use depends on the configuration/behavior/expectations of the system one is interfacing with.

And even if there where a definitive answer, I would definitely not rely on it, but rather expect that every other web service and library had its own way of dealing with this :/

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You converted the timezone incorrectly.


is equivalent to


Is that what NUSOAP did?

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Sorry, I gave a bad example. The nusoap issue is the following: I send e.g. 2015-10-29T12:59:14Z which corresponds to a timestamp of 1446116354 , but with when parsing with mci_iso8601_to_timestamp I get a timestamp of 1446123554, which is exactly my time zone's offset from UTC. I'm simply trying to find out if it's me or nusoap. – Robert Munteanu Oct 30 '09 at 9:02
mci_iso8601_to_timestamp is giving you the correct answer. 2015-10-29T12:59:14Z is 1446123554. The Z at the end means UTC. If you want to specify your own timezone, you have to give it 2015-10-29T12:59:14+02:00, which is equivalent to 2015-10-29T10:59:14Z, which is 1446116354. – Jeremy Stein Oct 30 '09 at 14:16

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