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So heres my question, I have a button on the stage that adds a MC called "fadeL" and "PDF1"

Quick note: "fadeL" and "PDF1" are instances of "fadeMC" and "PDFwindow" heres the code for them:

var fadeL:fadeMC = new fadeMC();
fadeL.x = 0;
fadeL.y = 0;   

var PDF1:PDFwindow = new PDFwindow();
PDF1.x = 30;
PDF1.y = 130; 

Within PDF1 is another MC called "PDFviewer" which contains a button called closeBtn

Here is the actionscript for that button:

var container:DisplayObjectContainer = stage.getChildAt(0) as DisplayObjectContainer;
var mc:MovieClip = container.getChildByName("fadeL") as MovieClip;

So basicly Im trying to tell "fadeL" to start playing at frame 12 (which ultimately makes it fade off the screen)

but here is the error I get when closeBtn is pressed:

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at NovartisTable_fla::PDFviewer_4/closeTap()[NovartisTable_fla.PDFviewer_4::frame1:9]

Any suggestions here? been looking around for other ways to tackle this but all have failed me


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You might have to share more of your code, to get help on that. –  loxxy May 7 '13 at 19:49

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You're actually grabbing a reference to fadeL when you called stage.getChildAt(0) (assuming the code you are showing is the only time you're adding items to the display list).

Change your button handler to this:

var mc:MovieClip = stage.getChildAt(0) as DisplayObjectContainer;

Failing that, I would give fadeL an actual name so you can do the following:

fadeL.name = "fadeL";
var mc:MovieClip = stage.getChildByName("fadeL") as MovieClip;
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