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I would appreciate some aid in getting the last piece solved please. What I want is to read from configuration the TYPE, VALUE and FORMATSTRING to be applied on the VALUE.

In Code, what I am trying to do is

a) Verify the TYPE specified is a correct CLR recognized type

 var o = Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetType(TYPE));
if(o == null)
    return false; 

b) Dynamically cast the specified VALUE to make sure that my the VALUE AND TYPE will work.

  dynamic val = Convert.ChangeType(VALUE, t);
              //now make sure the format String works for the specified type

c) finally, format VALUE using the specified FORMATSTRING


Currently I have

if (String.Format("{0:" + formatString + "}", val.ToString()) != null) return true;

How do you validate a format string will work for a particular type, especially on a dynamic instance of that type? thanks in advance

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Why not just try the format and catch the exception if it doesn't work?

Format throws a specific FormatException if it is wrong.

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