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That´s a simple question,

When I receive a Internal Server Error, from HTTP protocol, running a ASP script for example I receive the motivations for that error. On ASP I receive the line where the problem are.

When I do a call from TIdHttp from Indy project, he trow a exception, and do not say nothing about the line error. But if I do the same call from Firefox he show me the line error inside the ASP script.

Does anybody knows here will I find that "Internal Server Error" description complement?


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When TIdHTTP raises an EIdHTTPProtocolException exception, the body content of the error message is stored in the exception's ErrorMessage property, for example:

  on E: EIdHTTPProtocolException do begin
    // for instance, if the server returned a '500 Internal Server Error' reply, then:
    // E.ErrorCode = 500
    // E.Message = 'Internal Server Error'
    // E.ErrorMessage = the rest of the error message
  on E: Exception do begin
    // ...
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If Remy say water stops, I don't even need to test, just accept the answer! thank you again Remy. You are the best! Gambit – user2092868 May 7 '13 at 20:04

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