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I am trying to add some google analytics tracking to my email campaigns for my company. The URL is [www.homesandland.com][1] I have run the link through the URL builder with my campaign attributes to get the query parameters added on the end of the URL with the final result being: http://www.homesandland.com/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=MailBlast&utm_content=ENH&utm_campaign=Single_Wall+Street+Journal

For some reason this campaign is not appearing in the Google Analytics reports. I right clicked on the page and inspected element and clicked on the console tab. For some reason when I use the campaign tracking query parameters there are a bunch of javascript errors being thrown that say unsafe javascript attempt to access frame with URL (Campaign tracking URL) from frame with URL (ad server URL) domains ports and protocols must match. Any idea what might be causing this and how to fix it? I am not a developer and I don't know Javascript very well so try to keep your response at a moderate level of complexity. Thanks!

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First you should update your Analytics tracking, I don't think too many people will try to debug issues with the urchin.js code which has been obsolete for ages (I think this was retired by Google some 4 years ago). –  Eike Pierstorff May 8 '13 at 8:16
Roger, its on our dev teams list of things to do and I have been pushing for it. –  Hunter Nelson May 9 '13 at 15:45

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