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I'm having a very difficult time with a Facebook Tab/App that I'm trying to create with very specific needs:

  1. It must be contained within one file -- index.php (auxiliary files like .js, .css, and other .php files as includes are fine).
  2. It must have a splash page that calls for permissions upon "opting" in (ie: clicking a "go" button)
  3. It must be done in the PHP SDK

Now, I've used the Javascript SDK for this before and its' quite easy. I'm attempting to do this in PHP and its throwing some wrenches in my system.

This is my basic setup:

In the index.php, I include a global.php in the top of the file which handles the whole facebook SDK include and:

$facebook = new Facebook(array(
    'appId' => APP_ID,
    'secret' => APP_SECRET,

I then "gate" what is being loaded based on a signed request ($signed_request = $facebook->getSignedRequest(); signed_request['app_data']) . If the signed request "app_data" is set to "flash_load", permissions are checked. If permissions pass, a flash file is loaded otherwise permissions are requested. If app_data != 'flash_load' the splash page is loaded.

General page flow:

Page load

    If( app_data == flash_load )

        check permissions

        if permissions

            render flash


            request permissions


        render splash page

The splash page has a button that says "Go" which links DIRECTLY to the Page Tab (ie: http://www.facebook.com/{{{PAGE_NAME}}}?v=app_{{{APP_ID}}}&app_data=flash_load). I also have this same URL set as the Website with Facebook Login SITE URL @ https://developers.facebook.com/apps/{{{APP_ID}}}

All this is working fine and well with the explicit exception of this flow:

If a user doesn't have permissions:

  1. they visit the tab
  2. They are prompted by the splash screen
  3. They click "Go" which re-directs to http://www.facebook.com/{{{PAGE_NAME}}}?v=app_{{{APP_ID}}}&app_data=flash_load
  4. The page (index.php) reloads with a signed request app_data = flash_load
  5. Permissions are granted
  6. index.php reloads to the SPLASH page.

How do I make it so that for the INITIAL reload AFTER granting permissions the flash file is loaded and not the splash?

I have tried adding state to the redirect_uri but have been unable to grab the value using $_GET, $_REQUEST, or $facebook->getSignedRequest();

I've also tried to use $_SERVER to grab the URL and parse that out, but that doesn't refer to the Facebook URL.

Side-note: Every subsequent loads after the first reload after granting permissions should load the splash as normal.

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As you ask for the permissions, so you may use the presence of user_id or oauth_token to ascertain that the user has already authorized your app and you may load the flash file instead of the splash screen.

The documentation about the fields of signed_request describes the same as

Some fields and values, the user_id and oauth_token for example will only be passed if the user has logged into your app.

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