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I'm using Elastic Beanstalk (through Visual Studio) to deploy a .NET environment to EC2. Is there any way to have the equivalent of Azure's startup cmd scripts or powershell scripts? I know that you can pass scripts through User Data when creating EC2 instances, but is that possible in Elastic Beanstalk? If not, how can I create a script that executes one time on instance creation? The main purpose of the script is to download certain resources and to install dependencies before the application starts.

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Yes what you want to do is possible. You will need to utilize the .ebextensions mechanism. The AWS Elastic Beanstalk documentation talks about this in detail here. For example, to install an MSI on startup you would use this command in a configuration file:

    mysql: http://dev.mysql.com/get/Downloads/Connector-Net/mysql-connector-net-6.6.5.msi/from/http://cdn.mysql.com/
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