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I have an unbound access interface that packages a table from a form up into XML and sends it to a stored procedure on a SQL Server 2008 R2 database.

The XML that is getting sent looks like this:

    <citation>Gray, Carlyle; Shepps, V.C.; Conlin, R.R.; Hoskins, D.M.; Shaffner, M.N.; Socolow, A.A.; McLaughlin, D.B.; Geyer, A.R.; Cate, A.S.; Lytle, W.S.; Bergsten, J.M.; Miller, J.T.; Wood, G.H., Jr.; Arndt, H.H.; Kehn, T.M., 1960, Geologic map of Pennsylvania (1960), Pennsylvania Geological Survey, Map, 1:250000 scale</citation>

Often with several (>100) map elements.

In my stored procedure, I have some code that unboxes the xml into a temp table and then uses that temp table information to update a couple of tables in the database.

That code looks like this:

INSERT INTO dbo.#mapsXref (npsUnitCode, gmapIdF, useForThisPark, citation)
        SELECT @unitCode As npsUnitCode, 
            T.item.value('gmapId[1]','INT') As gmapIdF,
            T.item.value('use[1]','VARCHAR(10)') As useForThisPark ,
            T.item.value('citation[1]', 'VARCHAR(MAX)') As citation
            FROM @mapsList.nodes('maps/map') AS T(item)

I can verify that the XML gets packaged fine, comes across with the right information, and the temp table gets filled correctly by using an audit table:

INSERT INTO dbo.mapsXrefAudit(npsUnitCode, gmapIdF, useForThisPark, citation)
SELECT npsUnitCode, gmapIdF, useForThisPark, citation from dbo.#mapsXref

That just catches whatever is going into the temp table and allows to verify the transmission of data to the server and proper unpacking of the XML string.

The first update works:

        SET useForThisPark = t.useForThisPark
        FROM map.XREF_GMAP_ID_TRANSLATIONS x INNER JOIN dbo.#mapsXref t 
            ON x.gmapIdF = t.gmapIdF WHERE x.npsUnitCode = t.npsUnitCode

But then when the stored procedure uses the temp table to update another table:

        SET reference = t.citation
        FROM  dbo.#mapsXref t INNER JOIN map.TBL_GMAPS g
            ON g.gmapId = t.gmapIdF

The updates don't show up in map.TBL_GMAPS.

It had worked for a couple of years on another SQL Server 2008 R2 instance (I'm currently trying to get the old build # from our DBA. I'll update with that info if I can get it).

A few weeks ago, we had a server fiasco and the database was migrated to a new server running build 10.50.4000. I ended up having to re-set a bunch of object-level permissions because various parts of the aforementioned access application would throw errors regarding permissions but I don't seem to be getting any of those problems now. I have the whole bit wrapped into a transaction that will roll back and generate an error message if something goes wrong. But I get no errors on commit.

I've mentioned most parts of the stored procedure besides the parameters and the transaction code. The full version is here:

Does anyone know why update won't take on my map.TBL_GMAPS table?

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I figured this one out. Someone (me) had defined an trigger on TBL_GMAPS a few years back to automatically generate USGS-style citations upon INSERT. Whenever the code in the question would update the table, the trigger would then fire and re-set the citation. To fix it, I used the solution here -- Disabling a Trigger for a Specific SQL Statement or Session.

I changed my UPDATE section above to:

        SET reference = t.citation
        FROM  dbo.#mapsXref t INNER JOIN map.TBL_GMAPS g
            ON g.gmapId = t.gmapIdF

And then in the trigger, checked CONTEXT_INFO to see if it was set

If @Cinfo = 0x555555

FROM inserted i INNER JOIN  map.TBL_GMAPS m
ON m.gmapId = i.gmapId

That fixed my issue.

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