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I am making an ajax servlet-response with 1 servlet and 1 jsp page. It already works but I always get the same parameters back from my last value of my "a href" which is in c:foreach loop.

as you can see:

 <c:forEach items="${row}" var="cell">
<a href="./DokterWeek_KlantoverzichtServlet?AfspraakID=${cell.afspraakId}&Id=${cell.id}&KlantId=${cell.klant.id}" class="popper" data-popbox="pop1">                             
 <script>  var ajaxparameter = 'AfspraakID=${cell.afspraakId}&Id=${cell.id}&KlantId=${cell.klant.id}'; </script> </a>

In My javascript:

  xmlhttp.open("GET","DokterWeek_KlantoverzichtServlet?" + ajaxparameter,true);

So, I tried to put the parameters inside a variable(ajaxparameter) but the variable always contains is the latest "a href " parameters ( Which makes sense because of the c:foreach).

But how can I send these live parameters to my javascript while I hover over the "a href class=popper"

I appreciate any help, been searching for a solution for hours :(

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I am pretty sure that if you put an ID (a counter?) to the <a> tag you can retrieve the href attribute from javascript... anyway, I would like to see how is the JS function invoked (how do you get the function to execute, since you do not specify an onclick event) to give a better answer. –  SJuan76 May 7 '13 at 23:29

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Short answer: you need a listener

Long answer: check this out: this is a great howto to get a messagebubble in your jsp page!

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If am understanding it correct, you are calling some javascript function on onHover event for a href tag. If this is correct then in that event handler you read the value of attribute href in javascript variable and strip off parameters from it.

<c:forEach items="${row}" var="cell">
<a href="./DokterWeek_KlantoverzichtServlet?AfspraakID=${cell.afspraakId}&Id=${cell.id}&KlantId=${cell.klant.id}" class="popper" data-popbox="pop1" mouseover="setParam(this)">                             
 <script>  var ajaxparameter = 'AfspraakID=${cell.afspraakId}&Id=${cell.id}&KlantId=${cell.klant.id}'; </script> </a>
function setPara(ele){
var href = ele.href;
var params = href.split('?')[1];
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