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I'm currently trying to convert an ERB layout to HAML.

This is the error I keep receiving:

index.html.haml:18: syntax error, unexpected ')'
));}\n      #{_hamlout.format_...

Here is the HAML page:

    %h2 Todo List

    %h2{:style => "text-align:right;"} <script>document.write(today)</script>


    %h2.small_head New Task

    = render :partial => 'layouts/form_errors', :locals => {:object => @list}

      = form_for :list, :url => {:controller => 'lists', :action => 'create'} do |f|
      = label_tag :list_name, "Title", :class => 'header_label' 

I have also tried this as a variation:

= form_for(:list, :url => {:controller => 'lists', :action => 'create'}) do |f|
= label_tag(:list_name, "Title", :class => 'header_label')

Neither work and both generate the same error message, and help greatly appreciated.

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You need to indent the code in the do block. This should work:

= form_for :list, :url => {:controller => 'lists', :action => 'create'} do |f|
  = label_tag :list_name, "Title", :class => 'header_label' 
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Thanks, I don't know how I didn't see that. – James Parker May 7 '13 at 23:51

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