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I'm using these docs to figure out how to get stocktwits oauth to work:



Yes, I have been using my consumer key in place of the client_id, in reference to this:


When I try to access this url in chrome, firefox, or the command line, I keep getting this error:

Error: invalid_client unknown client

Any advice? Not sure what else I need to initially specify apart from the client_id/consumer key.


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Looks like your client_id is not correct. You can get your client_id when you go to your registered app located in the "My Apps" section of the developer portal here: https://stocktwits.com/developers/apps

Then click "View key & details" on your app and then your client_id should be Consumer key put this key in the url:

api.stocktwits.com/api/2/oauth/authorize?client_id=PUT CONSUMER KEY HERE&response_type=token&redirect_uri=www.example.com&scope=read,watch_lists,publish_messages,publish_watch_lists,follow_users,follow_stocks

If you have any other issue or still get this response please email support directly at: support@stocktwits.com

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