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Before I could type now I have to type why?

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Check your imports, be sure that is listed there.

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I suspect that if you're forced to import your own R file, there's something wrong with Eclipse that should be cured by Project > Clean. Eclipse vomits on itself from time to time. –  MarsAtomic May 8 '13 at 0:14

R will conflict with the R class from any other package. For example, if you needed to reference some then Eclipse may have automatically imported android.R so you could just reference it as R, but that would mean that any other R would need to be fully qualified as

My recommendation, and a good convention to adopt, is to use the fully qualified R for other packages and simply R for yours. So if you ever need an Android one, always do android.R..., and then just import your package so you can use simply R.

TLDR: check your imports for other R classes. If there's any that aren't your package, delete them and add yours. For other packages use the fully qualified name, e.g.


The Android Lint tool even has a check for this:

Checks for 'import android.R' statements, which are usually accidental

Importing android.R is usually not intentional; it sometimes happens when you use an IDE and ask it to automatically add imports at a time when your project's R class it not present. Once the import is there you might get a lot of "confusing" error messages because of course the fields available on android.R are not the ones you'd expect from just looking at your own R class.

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