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So, I'm trying to make a struct TileSet and override the < operator, and then put TileSet's in a priority queue. I've read that I can't call non-const methods on a const reference, but there shouldn't really be a problem, I'm just accessing members, not changing them:

    struct TileSet

        // ... other struct stuff, the only stuff that matters

        TileSet(const TileSet& copy)
            this->gid = copy.gid;
            this->spacing = copy.spacing;
            this->width = copy.width;
            this->height = copy.height;
            this->texture = copy.texture;

        bool operator<(const TileSet &b)
            return this->gid < b.gid;

The error message tells me: passing 'const TileSet' as 'this' argument of 'bool TileSet::operator<(const TileSet&)' discards qualifiers [-fpermissive] what does this mean? Changing the variables to const did not work, and I need them to be non-const anyways.

The error occurs when I try to do:

std::priority_queue<be::Object::TileSet> tileset_queue;

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You need to add a const qualifier to the definition of operator< method:

bool operator<(const TileSet &b) const
                               // ^^^ add me
    return this->gid < b.gid;

This tells the compiler that the this parameter passed to the function is const, otherwise it will not allow you to pass a const reference as this parameter.

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Try making operator< a const member function.

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