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I want to maintain the order of the NSArray I get back from CIDetector so I can tween the frames I draw in the camera view using an animation block. The problem is the order of faces is often different in every array I get back, and as you can imaging this voids the proper animation with multiple faces, especially when faces cross.

How do I maintain the same order of faces every time? Or is this even possible?

Here's the initialization I'm doing:

NSDictionary *detectorOptions = [[NSDictionary alloc] initWithObjectsAndKeys:CIDetectorAccuracyLow, CIDetectorAccuracy, nil];
self.faceDetector = [CIDetector detectorOfType:CIDetectorTypeFace context:nil options:detectorOptions];

And I get my array using this line:

NSArray *features = [self.faceDetector featuresInImage:convertedCIImage options:imageOptions];

I'm piping data to CIImage from GPUImage if that info helps.

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Loop through the items in features as CIFaceFeature objects and use the trackingID property (iOS6+) to keep track of which faces are which, more info.

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