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i work with and use the fckeditor. i got autosave with ajax updatepanel on my page and when i use the fckeditor fileupload it freeze, i cant do nuthing it stays open and i cant close it. i dont know why?

i was thinking maby do a javascript that could detect if it was open then not run the autosave at that moment, you think that is a good solution? and how could i do that cause i am not that good at javascript..

apriciate all tips and help i can get

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There may be a file size upload limit on your server configuration.

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nah. that is not my issue tho. but i think i am close to solv it. i am working on javascript that not gone run my autosave when the image upload is open. maby i will return with questions about that. – Dejan.S Oct 29 '09 at 14:09

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