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Trying to look at a relationship in a query like this:

var query = _graph.Cypher.Start(
    me = Node.ByIndexLookup("node_auto_index", "id", p.id)
.Where((Person friend) => friend.id == f.id)

Here is the FriendsWith class. I can't add a parameterless constructor for FriendsWith, because the base class (Relationship) doesn't have a parameterless constructor.

public class FriendsWith : Relationship,
        public FriendsWith(NodeReference<Person> targetNode)
            : base(targetNode)
            __created = DateTime.Now.ToString("o");
        public const string TypeKey = "FRIENDS_WITH";
        public string __created { get; set; }
        public override string RelationshipTypeKey
            get { return TypeKey; }


But I get the error "No parameterless constructor defined for this object." when I try to run it. What is the proper way to return a relationship for a query?

Stack trace

at Neo4jClient.Deserializer.CypherJsonDeserializer1.Deserialize(String content) in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\f1c4cf3efbf1b05e\Neo4jClient\Deserializer\CypherJsonDeserializer.cs:line 53 at Neo4jClient.GraphClient.<>c__DisplayClass1d1.b__1c(Task1 responseTask) in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\f1c4cf3efbf1b05e\Neo4jClient\GraphClient.cs:line 793 at System.Threading.Tasks.ContinuationResultTaskFromResultTask2.InnerInvoke() at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()

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Full stack trace? What does FriendsWith look like? –  Tatham Oddie May 8 '13 at 6:55
Maybe you're missing the default (parameterless) constructor for the class FriendsWith? –  veljkoz May 8 '13 at 15:05
You can add a default constructor, you just pass a dummy value to the base constructor something like: public FriendsWith():base(-1){} –  Chris Skardon Aug 27 '13 at 13:16

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Just deserialize it into a POCO that represents the data structure:

public class FriendsWith
    public string __created { get; set; }

var query = _graph.Cypher
    .Start(new {
        me = Node.ByIndexLookup("node_auto_index", "id", p.id)
    .Where((Person friend) => friend.id == f.id)
    .Return(r => r.As<FriendsWith>())

You actually don't need the FriendsWith : Relationship, IRelationshipAllowingSourceNode<Person>, IRelationshipAllowingTargetNode<Person> class at all.

Create relationships using Cypher:

    .Start(new {
        me = Node.ByIndexLookup("node_auto_index", "id", p.id),
        friend = Node.ByIndexLookup("node_auto_index", "id", p.id + 1)
    .CreateUnique("me-[:FRIENDS_WITH {data}]->friend")
    .WithParams(new { data = new FriendsWith { __created = DateTime.Now.ToString("o") } })

You'll see more examples on the Neo4jClient wiki. Basically, in this day and age, everything should be Cypher.

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He's trying to look at or return a relationship. Not create a new one. I have the same problem. –  Frenchie Mar 27 '14 at 14:27
@Frenchie: The first part of my answer shows retrieval of a relationship's payload. –  Tatham Oddie Mar 27 '14 at 21:38
@Frenchie: If this doesn't solve your specific scenario, please raise a new question so we can discuss it. –  Tatham Oddie Mar 27 '14 at 21:38
I figured out my issue, just used RelationshipInstance<payload> as the return object. I was incorrectly trying to create a class that did basically the same thing. –  Frenchie Apr 3 '14 at 16:03
That class will be deprecated in time. You do not want to use any class that is based on raw node ids and NodeReference instances. –  Tatham Oddie Apr 3 '14 at 19:57

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