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I want to push notification to Mobile devices using Azure mobile Services. My Business Layer wrapped around WCF service will invoke mobile Service REST API.


Push notification to devices will be triggered as per the code in Insert();

Rest API works fine for single record. I want to add multiple records from server side c# code

Following is the format of the JSON object e.g. {"TodoItem":[{"UserID":201,"complete":false,"text":"Hello"},{"UserID":202,"complete":false,"text":"Hello"}]}

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There are two ways to perform multiple entries insert into the table using Azure Mobile Services.

First approach is to pass an JSON array (entries) to the service call and then iterate over every entry (var toInsertEntry = entries[iterator]) and perform table.insert() with every entry.

Another approach would be to convert your objects into valid SQL INSERT entries and use the mssql object to perform a batch insert operation on SQL Server.

Read this blog article for more details on the topic.

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It seems like iteration would be required.. i was assuming if the Azure Mobile service accepts collection object –  Huzaifa Matawala May 9 '13 at 13:55
@HuzaifaMatawala: Yes, manual iteration is unavoidable here, unfortunately. You can't just pass a list and hope it will be inserted. –  Alexander Galkin May 9 '13 at 19:05

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