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I'm playing around with BCEL. I'm not using it to generate bytecode, but instead I'm trying to inspect the structure of existing compiled classes.

I need to be able to point to an arbitrary .class file anywhere on my hard drive and load a JavaClass object based on that. Ideally I'd like to avoid having to add the given class to my classpath.

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The straightforward way is to create a ClassParser with the file name and call parse(). Alternatively you can use SyntheticRepository and supply a classpath (that is not your classpath, IYSWIM).

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new ClassParser(classfilebytearrayhere).parse()
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The existing .class can be class loaded to java lang class object. Then it can be converted into BCEL intermediate javaclass structure. The following code may help:-

Class<?> javaClass1 = null;
javaClass1 = ucl.loadClass("com.sample.Customer");
org.apache.bcel.classfile.JavaClass javaClazz1=org.apache.bcel.Repository.lookupClass(javaClass1);
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