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I am using the latest LeafletJS library to display a popup with certain popop options on a map.

It works fine in Firefox and Chrome, but fails in IE8 with the error message:

Invalid argument. leaflet.js, Line 6, Character 14452

which is:


The problem obviously seems to be with the popupOptions declaration - when uncommenting them, no js error occurs in IE8, but of course the options won't be applied either.

So I wonder, what's wrong with the syntax?

function onEachFeature(feature, layer) {

    var popupContent = '...';

    if ( && {
        popupContent +=;

    var popupOptions =
        'minWidth': '491px',
        'maxWidth': '491px',
        'closeButton': false

    layer.bindPopup(popupContent, popupOptions);
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On that line, the minWidth and maxWidth options get fed to Math.max. But yours are no numbers, since they have px added to them.

So it should be

var popupOptions =
    'minWidth': '491',
    'maxWidth': '491',
    'closeButton': false

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Thanks, that's it. Was so used to use units from css. – Mathias Conradt May 8 '13 at 8:59

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