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I want the equivalent of $PROGRAM_NAME in Ruby, or ARGV[0] in C-likes, for Node.js. When I have a Node script that looks something like this,

#!/usr/bin/env node

… I get “node” instead of the name of the file that code is saved in. How do I get around this?

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You can either use this (if called from your main.js file):

var path = require('path');
var programName = path.basename(__filename);

Or this, anywhere:

var path = require('path');
var programName = path.basename(process.argv[1]);
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I really wish there was a more direct way, but the latter seems to answer my question. I'm still afraid of edge-cases that it seems not to cover, but I can't pinpoint one, so I'm accepting this. (= – ELLIOTTCABLE May 11 '13 at 0:27

Use __filename? It returns the currently executing script.

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That, however, won't tell me what it was invoked as. That will fail with symlinks, or with wrapper-scripts such as those npm uses, or anything else of that flavour. – ELLIOTTCABLE May 11 '13 at 0:21

For working with command line option strings check out the optimist module by Substack. Optimist will make your life much easier.

var inspect = require('eyespect').inspector();
var optimist = require('optimist')
var path = require('path');
var argv = optimist.argv
inspect(argv, 'argv')
var programName = path.basename(__filename);
inspect(programName, 'programName')

To install the needed dependencies:

npm install -S eyespect optimist
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-1 for pushing your own modules, without declaration; not to mention that I clearly asked for a way to do so in Node.js, without pulling in extra modules. (That said, Optimist is great; it's just inapplicable in this situation. NPM is not always the solution, nor always an option.) – ELLIOTTCABLE May 11 '13 at 0:25

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