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I know there is done some research on TDD at the North Carolina State University. They have published a paper called 'An Initial Investigation of Test Driven Development in Industry'. Other publications by NCSU can be found here.

Can anybody point me to other good publications on this topic?

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In the article posted, it mentions that it took 16% longer to complete a project with TDD. While they did mention the tests as a byproduct of the process, they didn't seem to focus on the fact that at the end of TDD, you have code AND tests.IMO the tests more than pay for themselves in the long run –  casademora Oct 2 '08 at 20:47
Take academic studies with a grain of salt. There's training money to be made on this stuff: theruntime.com/blogs/jacob/archive/2008/01/22/… –  Erik Reppen Dec 23 '12 at 13:03

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On the Effectiveness of the Test-First Approach to Programming, by Hakan Erdogmus, Maurizio Morisio, and Marco Torchiano.

Despite the name it covers TDD:


Test-Driven Development (TDD) is based on formalizing a piece of functionality as a test, implementing the functionality such that the test passes, and iterating the process.

This paper describes a controlled experiment for evaluating an important aspect of TDD: In TDD, programmers write functional tests before the corresponding implementation code. The experiment was conducted with undergraduate students. While the experiment group applied a test-first strategy, the control group applied a more conventional development technique, writing tests after the implementation. Both groups followed an incremental process, adding new features one at a time and regression testing them.

We found that test-first students on average wrote more tests and, in turn, students who wrote more tests tended to be more productive. We also observed that the minimum quality increased linearly with the number of programmer tests, independent of the development strategy employed.

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Wow.. 404. That's some sharp irony. –  Erik Reppen Dec 23 '12 at 12:48
broken link replaced. –  philant Dec 23 '12 at 14:32

The ACM Digital Library has quite a few papers on TDD. Simply Search for Test Driven Development.

The top results from Google's Test driven development academic research:

Test-Driven Development: Concepts, Taxonomy, and Future Direction in the IEEE Computer Society.

software Architecture Improvement through TDD at the ACM

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