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I just want to change all the keys in batchesX. But I can't seem to alter all keys, because of concat. This is what I learned from post.

Please advise how I can change all keys with numbers.

var batchesX = '[{"batch":"0010002033"},{"batch":"0010001917"},{"batch":"0000020026"},{"batch":"0000017734"},'+
                    '{"batch":null}]'; // 30 elements
                    //in JSON text

    var batchi = "batch";

    var obj_batchesY = JSON.parse(batchesX);

    var obj_batchesYlength = obj_batchesY.length;

    var obj_batchesX = JSON.parse(batchesX, 
            for(var i=1; i <= obj_batchesYlength; i++ )

                    this.batchi.concat(string(i)) = v;
                    return v;


Is the code too long winded?

Many thanks in advance. Clement

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no solution for this? –  user1739825 May 10 '13 at 0:51
Sorry, but I don't get what you want the result to look like. Should your object become [{batch0:"0010002033"},{batch1:"0010001917"},…] or {batch0:"0010002033", batch1:"0010001917", …} or maybe something else? –  Bergi Jul 3 '13 at 12:00
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The return value of the reviver function only replaces values. If you need to replace keys, then use stringify and replace before the parse call, like this:


Here is how to replace all numeric keys:

function newkey()
  return Number(Math.random() * 100).toPrecision(2) + RegExp.$1

//Stringify JSON
var foo = JSON.stringify({"123":"ashanga", "12":"bantu"});

//Replace each key with a random number without replacing the ": delimiter
var bar = foo.replace(/\d+("?:)/g, newkey)

//Parse resulting string
var baz = JSON.parse(bar);

Make sure each replaced key is unique, since duplicate keys will be removed by the parse method.

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