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Here is a function get the node of a webservice of drupal in ssets\www\modules\node\node.js of the android project. When i click content and try to retrieve a node in the apps in android emulator, there is an error message "node_page_view reference error:nid is not defined", the apps seems can read the node/%, so i want to debug the function, see the alert(node); in the following code. But i re-run the program, there is nothing happen, any ideas?

function node_page_view(node) {
      try {
        if (drupalgap.settings.debug) {
        if (node) {
          var build = {
            'node':node, // TODO - is this line of code doing anything?
            'title':{'markup':node.title}, // TODO - this is a core field and should probably by fetched from entity.js
          // If the comments are hidden, do nothing.
          if (node.comment == 0) { }
          // If the comments are closed or open, show the comments.
          else if (node.comment == 1 || node.comment == 2) {

            // Build an empty list for the comments
            build.comments = {

            // If the comments are open, show the comment form.
            if (node.comment == 2) {
              build.comments_form = {
                  '<h2>Add comment</h2>' +
                    drupalgap_get_form('comment_edit', {'nid':node.nid})

          return build;
        else {
          alert('node_page_view - failed to load node (' + nid + ')');
      catch (error) {
        alert('node_page_view - ' + error);
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If you download the latest version of 7.x-1.x-alpha of DrupalGap, this should be fixed! –  tyler.frankenstein Aug 11 '13 at 21:22

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