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While opening a command prompt created in D drive its path is shown as C:\Users\Abc ? I have created a command prompt in D drive of my computer which runs Windows 7 (by typing "cmd" in a notepad and save it as commandprompt.cmd) but when opening the commandprompt.bat file the path shown is "C:\Users\Abc" (where Abc is the computer name) , but it only happens in Windows 7.

If I create a command prompt in Windows XP with the same method, opening the commandprompt.bat file shows "D" drive as path?

Is there any way to do the same in windows 7?

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Open My Computer, hold down shift key and right click on D:\ drive. Then select "Open command window here". This will open up a command prompt with the path of "d:\" drive.

You could also try typing this into notepad and saving as a .bat file (I haven't tried this but it's worth a shot).


@echo off
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Try this

start "" /d "d:\" cmd /k
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